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Adsl Router Full Crack {Keys}.win 7 64 bit. 255 U.S. 548 (1921) ALEXANDER v. CITY OF RICHMOND. No. 1. Supreme Court of United States. Argued March 10, 11, 1921. Decided April 3, 1921. ERROR TO THE SUPREME COURT OF APPEALS OF THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. Mr. J. Walter O'Brien for plaintiff in error. Mr. J. Thornton Gray, Assistant Attorney General of Virginia, for the Attorney General of Virginia, opposing. MR. JUSTICE CLARKE delivered the opinion of the court. This writ of error is prosecuted to review a judgment of the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia which affirmed the judgment of the circuit court dismissing an action brought by the plaintiff in error in the circuit court to recover taxes alleged to have been illegally assessed. The facts, so far as they are essential to the consideration of the case, are as follows: The plaintiff in error, Alexander, was a resident of the City of Richmond at the time of the alleged illegal assessment and collection of taxes for the year 1920. He was a member of the Democratic Party. He applied to the tax collector, the treasurer of the City of Richmond, for a change of the value on which the taxes were to be assessed, but the change was refused. He thereafter filed a statement with the collector that the valuation he had applied for was so low as to make the amount of the tax excessive. The collector did not favor him with an answer to this statement, and a demand for an assessment based on this statement was made and refused by the collector, and the demand that he pay the increased tax was also refused. The plaintiff in error then presented a petition to the common council of the City of Richmond, which petition was denied. The question of the validity of the assessment as *549 against the plaintiff in error is not here involved. A demand for the taxes as thus assessed was made on the plaintiff in error and a suit was instituted by him to recover the same. The action was dismissed by the circuit court, and the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia affirmed the judgment. The controlling question in this case is whether the defendant in error, the tax collector, is an official of the State of Virginia within the meaning of Section 3042 of the Code of Virginia, which authorizes the levy and collection of taxes by individuals. In


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